Male is a gender what makes a man is in you…

And the woman said

Tell me what makes you a man that gives you the courage to tell me what to do and not to do all in the name of you being a man? I’m sorry this cannot be! I’m wise which is a wisdom born of pain i’m invisible not only that do you even know who is called A WOMAN?

She carried you in her womb for months or do you know how it feels for a life to grow inside you? The being in her decides a lot of things for her starting from her sleeping position,things she ate,what to wear,when to sleep and when not to and after going through all this she finally put to bed through a pain you can never and will never imagine! Even at that point if there are any complications she will still put you first by asking the nurses to please safe you even if it means death for her,she now have to start being a your nanny,your cook, she bath you cloth you and have to go through a lot just to ensure she keeps in shape and looks good still in the name of pleasing a man,she will rather give out her last penny to you to eat other than her to eat and be satisfied when you could starve to death……

She wept…..


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