A man who is able to communicate with….

Communicate With Your Heart

When I think back to the days before I learned how important mindfulness is, I feel sorry for all the girls who had to listen to my monologues. Back then I did what a lot of other guys do on dates. I talked a lot, but I didn’t communicate for one second.

The difference between talking and communicating is that talking is one-sided, whereas communicating is a way of connecting with another person. This is a big difference, especially when it comes to your ability to attract a woman who will eventually fall in love with you.

A man who is good at talking will talk about himself, about his job and about all his amazing characteristics. This might impress her for the first five minutes, but it doesn’t allow a deep connection.

A man who is able to communicate with his heart wants to use his words to get to know the person who he is with. He doesn’t care about whether or not he is impressive, because he knows that his ability to impress has nothing to do with the ability to attract love.

He knows that his willingness to find out more about the girl of his dreams and his desire to connect with her in this process is what makes her fall for him.



One thought on “A man who is able to communicate with….

  1. communication is also a mechanism for a better understanding of oneself and or between two individuals….it helps defines what part of school of thought and perception an individual belong to or have to make others grab more understanding of and about him/her….kudos niqqella

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