Guidelines for men..

Clothes are so important, its an expression and to a great extent makes a man. While clothes offer clues about the
man who wears them, the real measure of a
man is his *manner of etiquette*. Even the most elegantly tailored AGBADA won’t save a man who behaves like a boor.
If your wardrobe is perfectly on point, but your
manners are iffy, its a time bomb of the unwanted treat…
*10 essential etiquette rules*👈🏾
👉Greet Properly:
Greet new acquaintances with a firm
handshake and a friendly smile. Make eye
contact when you’re introduced to someone
and repeat the person’s name to help you
remember it. Avoid the usuals “Yo, bro, what’s up?”❌
👉 Be Punctual:🕗
Punctuality conveys reliability and self-discipline; being late shows disrespect. If you have time-management issues, try figuring out the root of the problem.
👉 Attention to Details👌
A well-groomed body is the canvas upon which your sartorial masterpiece is built. Never leave the house, even for takeout, without clean teeth, clean
clothes, and a fresh swipe of deodorant at a
minimum. Avoid untrimmed nails, a unibrow, or slovenly neck beard❌
👉 Compliments 💐
When you are invited to someone’s home, always bring a reasonable gift for the host or hostess.
👉 Good Table Manners🙏
good dining etiquette is a thumbsup.Turn off your cell phone when dining with others; Learn the art of polite conversation. Never put a dirty napkin on the table until the meal is completed; if you must leave the table,place your napkin on your seat.
👉 Treat a Woman right👧🏽
Opening doors for a woman or offering her your arm as you walk down the street isn’t misogynistic.Do your best to keep the woman you’ve got..she deserves your selfless and kind moves.
👉 why Vulgarities?🤨
Off-color jokes and profanity have no place in a
professional man’s vocabulary, especially in
public places or in front of a woman. know where those fits into
👉 Know Your Offs and Limits🍺
getting sloppy in public is not acceptable…if you don’t do alcohol,no one should make you then do and if you do, don’t be fooled to do more than you can handle.
👉 Be Discreet at Work

Keep the company’s business private; never
share sensitive information or insider secrets.
When visitors enter your office, tuck away open
files and papers. Always tell callers if you’re
putting them on speakerphone. Stay away from office gossip
👉 Learn to Listen🙉❌

The scientific breakdown of human
communication is 9 percent writing, 16 percent
reading, 30 percent speaking, and 45 percent
listening, practice to
master the fourth. When people speak,
give them your full attention. Avoid
interrupting, fidgeting, or showing signs of
👉 Excellent manners and adherence to the rules of etiquette are the marks of a civilized man.
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